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build your brand

Make yourself known from the best side! Build the image of an expert, specialist in your field and gain trust among your clients. We will help you with this!

Get new

Do you run a service activity? Let's increase the number of contacts and people really interested in your offer, creating well thought-out campaigns.

Strengthen your brand recognition

Are you on the market and people still don't know your company? Thanks to properly configured campaigns, your ads can see min. 1,000 people a day!

Increase sales in your company

We will implement effective and professional advertising campaigns that will increase sales of your products.

About us

Our company professionally and comprehensively deals with running Fanpage in social media. We care about our clients’ profiles both in terms of the content posted on them and in the most important issue – servicing advertising campaigns. We focus our activities on increasing brand recognition, building brand image, increasing sales and acquiring new customers / leads.

Why us?

Our activities are fully transparent – it means that at every stage of cooperation, the client has full insight into what we do. All posted content is sent first to the customer’s approval, and at the end of each month we prepare a detailed report.

details of our service

This is one of our first actions that we must perform.
If the Fanpage already exists: We will send a request for access from our company account.
If the Fanpage does not exist: We will create it on your behalf and then give you administrator privileges.

This is the stage where we prepare the fanpage and fill it with the most important information. We complete all descriptions, company information, contact details.

We prepare for you a unique and professional layout for the content posted on your Fanapge: Cover photo, avatar, graphic posts, notes, services.

Every month we prepare a content schedule for you, in which we periodically develop content and creations for posted posts. Creations can be in the form of static graphics, animations, video, photos – depending on the availability of materials.

As we try to make our service comprehensive – we contact the fans in comments and messages to the site. We respond to any activity within 1-5 minutes. Thanks to this, your community will not be left unanswered. It is also possible for the customer to reply to messages / comments.

We closely monitor situations on our clients’ Fanpage between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm. We follow statistics on our activities and we are prepared for any contact from your fans.

During the month, we create professional sales and image campaigns, which are designed to:

– Increase the recognition of your brand,
– Build a good image,
– Increase sales,
– Acquire new customers / new leads.

In the interests of the best use of your company’s advertising budget, we constantly optimize campaigns and analyze the results.

Real Time Marketing is a great opportunity to promote the brand in an original way. With a creative approach, this method can bring great success even in one day. It involves a quick response (e.g. on a Social Media profile) referring to global / popular events.

Landing Page – This is the final and most important element that will complement your advertising campaign, help increase sales and acquire new leads (offer inquiries). To sum up, it is a landing page to which potential customers from the advertising campaign in Social media or Google Ads are redirected. This page describes all the most important information about your offer.

At the end of each month, we send you a detailed report on the activities carried out.

We are in constant contact with you in caring for the best service.

Contact with us

    Contact us by filling out the short form. Describe your needs or ask the question you want to answer. We also encourage you to contact us by phone.

    +48 731 453 362
    Gdańsk, Poland

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    What do customers say about us?

    "This is probably the most professional institution I have had the opportunity to work with. Mega good contact, cooperation with the client and an approach to him at the highest level, I recommend it with a clear conscience !!!"
    Rafał Z.
    Facebook opinion
    "Professional company, reliable project implementation. AK BRAINDING will certainly satisfy the most demanding customers. I highly recommend!"
    Marcelina G.
    Google opinion
    "I recommend AK Brainding services. This company is characterized by creativity, individual approach, reliability and quick service times. After several one-off projects, I decided to cooperate with AK Brainding on virtually every level of their activity."
    Dawid D.
    Facebook opinion
    "Professional service in the field of branding and social media marketing. We recommend!"
    Sebastian o.
    Google opinion